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April L Ervin, MBA

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April L. Ervin is founder and Chief Peace Officerof Sustainable Leadership, LLC – a mission-driven consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations sustain effective leadership and create healthy organizational cultures. She is committed to addressing the epidemic of burnout, imbalance and high turnover and prompt a paradigm shift toward strengthened leadership, empowered teams and long-term sustainability. With 25 years of a diversity of leadership experiences, April intimately knows the opportunities challenges leaders face. Like far too many, she spent years working to the point of exhaustion sacrificing self for the sake of mission. She supports her clients see there is another way. That it is possible to serve your purpose AND live a healthy, balanced, fulfilled life. April is an avid believer that a more holistic approach to leadership development will have a transformative impact on the state of our world.

April is the author of “The Burnout Factor On Education: 7 Strategies to Sustain Your Leadership and Your Life” and “The Burnout Factor On Leadership: Managing Burnout in a Time of Unprecedented Change”. Providing a step-by-step guide to help leaders move from chaos to calm, exhaustion to rejuvenation and burnout to professional and personal sustainability. She is a highly sought-out speaker and facilitator helping leaders achieve their purpose while also creating sustainable organizations.

Book Summary


To say that 2020 has been unprecedented would be an understatement. Over the past several months all we have known has dramatically shifted. Our lives, families, organizations, country and world are forever changed. The Burnout FactorTM On Leadership: Managing Burnout in a Time of Unprecedented Change is written with a focus on acknowledging how challenging 2020 has been for us all. Whether you lead a global Fortune 500 company or manage e-learning for your children in your home, we are all experiencing a new level of burnout. With this new reality, we must be much more intentional in managing the stress, worry, anxiety and ultimate burnout that has been exacerbated by this difficult time.

In 2018, April published The Burnout FactorTM On Education where she shared key strategies to address an epidemic of self-sacrifice in the education and nonprofit sector. In the second of a series, April expands her wisdom and guidance across all sectors and types of leaders. Acknowledging that we are all leaders in our own right. Her commitment is to help us sustain during one of the most challenging times in our professional and personal lives. 

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