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Melahni Ake

Melahni Ake

Melahni Ake is a dynamic and visionary leader passionate about driving positive change in various spheres of life. She graduated from Greenwood High School, where she was a catalyst for collaborating to start the first girls’ softball team and radio program. She holds a bachelor’s and associate degree from UIndy in Business Administration and Psychology. She is a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with John Maxwell's Maxwell Leadership Team and the first WHY Affiliate Coach in the US. Intentionality has been the driving force for her life's work, spending over twenty-five years in sales, sales training, and executive leadership in the medical device industry. Her strategic approach to life was developed by playing ice hockey in an all-boys league for over twelve years developing her strategic mindset. Her confidence comes from challenging herself and others to make a difference every day. Melahni has founded and led several successful ventures and start-ups, leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit and strategic insight to create innovative solutions for today's challenges.

Melahni is a dedicated advocate for social causes and actively engages in community service and philanthropy. Her unwavering commitment to social impact has earned her recognition as a change-maker and a role model and in 2024 was recognized by Aspire Johnson County as Woman Leader of the Year and her company Everyday Leaders was a finalist for the Champion for Women in 2023 and 2024. Melahni Ake is a true catalyst for change; her journey is a testament to the difference one can make in the world once you take that first action step.

Melahni is a contributing author to multiple books including the award winning book, Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success and is the motivation and coordinating author of the new release, Everyday Moments: Lessons that Transform Lives. You can connect to Melahni for Keynotes, Speaking, Emcee, Community Event Host, Business Consulting, Personal Growth, Professional Development Workshops, or even be a guest on the Everyday Leaders Podcast. Find out more at

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