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Yolanda Smith

Yolanda Smith

Now You See Me: Unleashing the Power of Personal Branding in Mentoring Moments. Yolanda Smith leads medical and consumer HCP integration at Lilly USA, LLC where she cultivates trusted relationships with key stakeholders to foster collaboration among marketing and sales with medical and consumer teams, infusing best practices and innovation while establishing new guardrails for customer-centric engagement throughout the Lilly product portfolio.

With over 10 years of public speaking experience, her passion for helping others achieve their personal best inspired her to found Branding 4 Success, LLC where she currently serves at CEO and travels the country delivering keynote speeches and facilitating master class workshops on Personal Branding to academic, corporate and professional organizations.

Yolanda is married with two children, and a German Shepard mix named Tito. She enjoys gardening and is a saltwater aquarium enthusiast and also serves as the chairman of the board for the non-profit organization Girl Talk Incorporated.

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