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Chane' Lucas

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Chane’ Lucas is the CEO and Founder of “Eternal Art By Design” and is an artistic talent who displays her gifting through writing, poetry, unique canvas creations and singing. Chane’ has learned the value of encouraging others by uplifting, motivating and pushing them to overcome the fear of being great. Known for her unique singing style which displays many genres, she often sings with the band, “Just For Fun.” Writing is something she is just as passionate about and she loves to create fictional stories of hope and inspiration. Her desire is to bring enjoyment, self-healing, motivation, and growth to encourage everyone to have a greater life and a greater person. 


Facing the Darkness (Rhonda's Story)


This novel is for the broken. When Rhonda finds herself staring her past in the face, a moment comes when she must choose to release her past and find the Grace to live, knowing that she can! Rhonda’s story is a funny, realistic and emotional story of a young mother running from the pain of losing it all and learning to open up again to receive the good she has been closed off from for years. This story will inspire you, it will make you laugh and it will also make you cry. Take this journey with Rhonda, it will bring you face to face with your own journey. Have you faced your darkness?

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