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Jennifer Formoso

Climbing Out of Darkness in Mentoring Moments

Jennifer Formoso is a psychotherapist who graduated with a BA in Psychology from Iona College in 1993 followed by a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996. 

She has over 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults both in private practice as well as in various other behavioral health settings.  She believes in the strong power of resilience and feels that her own personal experiences in the mental health system have better prepared her to serve her clients in a more compassionate, insightful, and validating manner.  She is hoping to inspire others out there to believe in themselves and their own ability to overcome personal and professional challenges and come out thriving.

Jennifer She lives in Fairfield County, CT with her husband of 20 years, teenage daughter, and mom, plus a sassy cat named Tigger who often sits in on sessions and thinks he is a “therapy cat.”