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Katina Washington


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Katina Washington

Katina D. Washington, affectionately known as TT, embodies the spirit of intention, resilience, entrepreneurship, and community empowerment. Born on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana, Katina's life is a testament to the transformative power of family, strategy, and following one's dreams.

As a devoted mother to three remarkable daughters—Brandi, Keirsten, and Den'nis—Katina's journey took on new dimensions with the arrival of her beloved grandkids, Brailyn and AngelLove. Their presence illuminated a love within her that surpaKassed anything she had known before.

Katina's educational path led her through the halls of Homecroft Elementary, Southport Middle School, and Southport High School. Her passion for marketing and distributive education found expression at Central Nine, and she further honed her skills by earning a BA degree in Business Management from the Indiana School of Technology.

The allure of entrepreneurship always beckoned Katina, and in 2015, she made a courageous decision to leave her federal government position and pursue her dream of running her business full-time. Thus, SHE. Event Indy Co was born. SHE., standing for "She Has Everything," is a non-profit organization committed to practicing cooperative economics. It focuses on providing Black businesses with training, access to capital, and essential tools for sustainable growth.

Under Katina's visionary leadership, SHE. Event achieved remarkable success, including the opening of the groundbreaking SHE.Xperience Shoppes, the first Black department store in Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis. Featuring products and services from over 25 Black business owners, this venture garnered widespread recognition and numerous awards, including the People's Choice Award, the Governor's Entrepreneurship Award, the Jefferson Award representing the state of Indiana, the Leadership Award, and the Excellence in Service Award. The organization has also been featured in prestigious outlets like Black Enterprise.

Undeterred by success, Katina has expanded her impact, growing SHE. Event to serve over 500 Black businesses in the Indianapolis area. Recently, she launched a new venture, the Katina Washington Show, a platform dedicated to bringing notoriety to community leaders.

For Katina, entrepreneurship serves as a canvas for expressing her individuality, and her journey continues to inspire those around her to dream big and make a difference in their communities.


BECOMING WHOLE:  Journey to Authenticity

“BECOMING WHOLE:  Journey to Authenticity” is the result of Katina Washington’s third attempt at the task of penning a book, and that's okay. The truth is, she wasn't ready before. Reflecting on her journey, she realized that her past failures have been crucial. They've become the yardstick against which she measured her current success. It's a testament to the belief that everything unfolds in its own time and in the way in which it is meant.

“BECOMING WHOLE” is a memoir in which lies a chronicle of pivotal moments in Katina’s life, each playing a role in shaping the woman she is today. Every twist and turn was a necessary part of her journey to authenticity. The positive and challenging events unfolded purposefully, each contributing to the story that would become this book.

Through the experiences described in “BECOMING WHOLE”, Katina shares valuable lessons regarding the transformative power of purposeful living; how she learned to embrace life’s many detours and blessings, the triumphs, setbacks, mistakes, rejections, and victories. Katina extends an invitation for you to explore these pages with an open heart, recognizing that every encounter is a piece of a larger narrative.

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