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Proud to be a Member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)

I self-published my first book through Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) in 2018. It was an awesome experience and one that I would repeat. However, I have learned A LOT since then! As a result of what I learned, Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve created the Publishing Division of our company and we are now an official Independent Book Publisher! In addition, we are also one of the newest members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest community of professional publishers in the United States! IBPA is a not-for-profit membership organization serving the independent publishing community through advocacy and education. With nearly 3,000 members, IBPA is the largest publishing trade association in the United States.

IBPA's mission is to lead and serve the independent publishing community with tools for success. A new branch of Enhanced DNA will assist other self-publishing authors or authors who need publishing services as a "Hybrid Independent Publisher". We will provide quality publishing services with support from the IBPA resources, publishing community and their tools/services. As a Hybrid Independent Publisher, Enhanced DNA will work with authors to uphold the highest standards of the publishing industry, to create works of lasting financial and/or cultural value, and to pursue through others, editorial, design, and production excellence. Hybrid publishers use an author-subsidized business model, as opposed to financing all costs themselves, and in exchange return a higher-than-industry-standard share of sales proceeds to the author. In other words, a hybrid publisher makes income from a combination of publishing services and book sales while passing savings to the author.

We have many new projects underway and in addition to using the Amazon - Kindle Direct Publishing processes, we will be using the Enhanced DNA publishing tools – under the guidelines of the IBPA!

If you are an author (or plan to be) and need guidance in the publishing process, contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation.


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