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by: Michelle P. Jones

Welcome to our new Enhanced DNA Publishing Blog:  “Purposeful in Stilettos” by Michelle P. Jones. This is our NEW, monthly, First Friday Blog series featuring the talents of one of our own Enhanced DNA authors.  The Purposeful in Stilettos Blog was created as a platform to share relevant information that empowers, encourages and inspires the reader to realize the greatness within and begin to unapologetically live their truth, their purpose, their life OUT LOUD and in living color.  Michelle P. Jones is one of the newest Enhanced DNA Publishing authors and has a unique gift in facilitating sometimes difficult but necessary conversations through the written word.  Enjoy, be empowered, encouraged and inspired by her gift. 

Here is the first in the "Purposeful in Stilettos” First Friday Blog Series:


Freedom Ain’t Free!!!

In the day and time in which we live, it has become abundantly clear on more levels than I can count or even speak on that ‘freedom ain’t free!’ Look at our political and social climates, the protests, the deaths, the racism, the unrest, the disrespect and/or our overall climate; it depicts the very fact that ‘freedom ain’t free!’ Even in our personal and private lives as is represented by the hell we put ourselves through or that we are forced to go through because of someone else’s ignorance and/or sense of entitlement it proves once again that ‘freedom ain’t free!’ If you really think about the word and its meaning: the power or right to act, speak or think as one who wants without hindrance or restraint; is one who is not under the control or in the power of another; one able to act or be done as one wishes; you will begin to understand that at the very core of its meaning ‘freedom ain’t free!’ There’s always a cost associated with it that MUST be paid!

When we allow issues situations and circumstances to control the trajectory of our life, we aren’t free nor are we walking in the freedom that is truly available to us. Someone once told me that my past is just that my past and it needs to remain in the past because it does not have anything to do with my present or my future. Its only purpose is to provide lessons and a knowledge base that will help me navigate life to ensure I don’t repeat the actions, habits and behaviors again thereby bringing my past into my present to possibly negatively impact my future.

So, how do we get to the place of being free emotionally, mentally, physically and/or Spiritually, and live a life of freedom? It begins with recognizing where we are individually and collectively, accepting our responsibility to and in our lot in life, learning the importance of and how to forgive our self FIRST for allowing ourselves to be in our current position of struggle and unhappiness, be willing to go through the process of forgiving others whose betrayal has left an indelible mark upon our heart, mind and soul, accept that we need help and that our deliverance is only activated when we begin to walk in it, and begin to realize every move, every heartache, every heartbreak, every experience, every circumstance and every situation was necessary and a part of the foundation we stand on and operate from when living out our purpose as we grow into the men/women we are today!

If we STOP the blame game and take responsibility for our own life and happiness while accepting that no matter how much we want it to be different it cannot be changed. We MUST open ourselves up to the process of realizing it is all a part of our foundation that has provided us with the tools we need to rebuild. We have to become the architects of our own lives and construct the life of freedom we want that permits us to determine the best course of action for us to take as we figure out what we want, and realize it was right there in front of us the whole time. However, it’s a process that reminds us we did not get in this shape overnight and it will take longer than overnight for us to find our way out of it. It’s as simple and difficult as making the choice to live a life that isn’t controlled by our past hurts, other people’s expectations, past mistakes and/or should haves, could haves or would haves, but one (1) that speaks boldly and loudly of our individual and collective HIS-tory or HER-story!

How do we get there? First and foremost, we have to recognize and accept that business as usual in our life is no longer acceptable and then make the choice to live an abundant life of freedom intentionally. By not allowing anything to have permission, any longer, to control your life unless you give it permission intentionally. Don’t be fooled! Not making a choice is allowing entities outside of your purview to make choices on your behalf while you are faced with dealing with the consequences such as they are. By accepting responsibility for your own life, creating foundational truths to live by, knowing who you are versus who others say you are, making forgiveness your lifelong partner with yourself being the first beneficiary and living a life that brings God glory and speaks of the legacy you desire to leave behind, you will begin to construct the life of freedom you deserve to live.

Until each of us release the hurts, pains and situations of the past, we aren’t truly free. Until we defeat the demonic forces that have attached themselves to us, we aren’t truly free. Until we realize that God created each of us on purpose and for a purpose, we aren’t truly free. Until we realize that each of us have everything within us to live a victorious life, we aren’t truly free. Until we forgive the person looking back at us in the mirror, we aren’t truly free. Until we learn how to live, truly live a life of joy, peace, forgiveness and be legacy minded, we aren’t truly free!

Don’t allow yesterday to control your todays and possibly negatively affect your tomorrows. You deserve more than you can ever imagine. Freedom isn’t free until each of us intentionally and purposefully decide to live our truth, our purpose, our life abundantly passionately, purposefully, intentionally and lovingly OUT LOUD and in living color!!!


Michelle P. Jones

Michelle P. Jones

Michelle P Jones is an ordained minister, an Amazon International Bestselling author, business and ministry strategist, and inspirational/motivational speaker. Michelle is the President/CEO of Michelle P. Jones, Inc., a professional services firm, where she specializes in informing, empowering and equipping entrepreneurial creatives in structuring their business/ministry endeavors for success and continued growth. Michelle has self-published two (2) books for national distribution: Grasping your success: Six steps to Starting an Legitimizing your Business and Walking on Water in my Stiletto: How God Strengthen my Faith-walk, is a contributing author in As for Me and My House: Stories to help on board households for entrepreneurship and will soon release her fourth book for national distribution. Michelle is also the executive producer and host of the Girlz Talk... Real Talk Podcast, that can be found on all major podcast platforms, where she provides a safe place for women and men to have those difficult yet necessary conversations that have the potential of changing the trajectory of their life while empowering and enabling them to live their truth, their purpose, their life OUT LOUD and in living color. If you have any questions and/or to obtain additional information, please contact Michelle via email at


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