In, Encourage and Be Encouraged, RoShaunda D. Carpenter provides a daily devotional along with affirmations to encourage anyone from all walks of life. Discouragement happens to all of us at one time or another and sometimes, all we need are the right tools to be encouraged.


We all have had seasons in our lives when a word of encouragement would have been greatly appreciated. The daily devotionals and affirmations in this book will be like sunshine on a cloudy day, paint and paintbrushes to an artist, and food for the soul. In addition, the Word of God is the ultimate source to be encouraged, full of affirmations, and love and through these devotionals, you will find bible verses that will enrich, strengthen and bless your reading. You will not only be encouraged and uplifted, but the words will penetrate your heart and influence you to share with others. Encourage and be encouraged!


Encourage & Be Encouraged by RoShaunda D. Carpenter

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