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Road to AUTHORity©
Author + Authority = AUTHORity©

Target Audience:


  • New or newer writers who want to publish a book and use the book to enhance their business or career

  • Authors who want to learn how to enhance their business or career by using their current experitise and combining it with their published book

  • Anyone willing to invest in themselves and their business by exploring the possibilities available to them as an AUTHOR and an AUTHORITY in their area of expertise

What is Your Author "DNA"?

What are your goals as an author? 

Publishing a book is definitely a journey that will provide ups and downs, doubts, more details than you can imagine, and ultimately excitement once you have published the finished product. But, do you understand your goals as an author?  What is your current status as an author?  What are your expectations?  How do you plan to achieve your goals?

Identifying your goals as an author will assist you in understanding the steps you need to take in order to achieve those goals. Let us examine your Author DNA type by conducting a simple assessment.   

Take this simple “Author DNA” assessment to determine your goals and how to address them.