RoShaunda D. Carpenter



RoShaunda D. Carpenter is a pastor, preacher, teacher, visionary, inspirational speaker, visual and spoken word artist, author and mentor.  These gifts have afforded her the opportunity to use this platform around the country ministering and teaching others about their greatness and divine purpose in God.


RoShaunda has always had a servant’s heart.  She was ordained to minister the gospel in 2007 and began pasturing in 2018.  It has always been her desire to help others reach their divine potential.  Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Roaring Fire Ministries was launched in 2015.  Through this ministry, with her loving husband Todd by her side, she’s devoted to heal hurting people through the preaching and teaching of the word of God; to train people to live victoriously by unveiling the truth about who God created them to be.  RoShaunda’s breakthrough coaching incorporates individual, large group gatherings, workshops, conferences, prophetic art classes and more.  Her goal is to continue to diligently seek the Lord and to endeavor to walk like Him.  Before departing this life, RoShaunda wants her gifts to be spent-taking nothing to her grave-but using them ALL for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


Her motto: “I’m not afraid to do it. I’m afraid NOT to do it!!

Encourage & Be Encouraged

In, Encourage and Be Encouraged, RoShaunda D. Carpenter provides a daily devotional along with affirmations to encourage anyone from all walks of life.  Discouragement happens to all of us at one time or another and sometimes, all we need are the right tools to be encouraged.

We all have had seasons in our lives when a word of encouragement would have been greatly appreciated.  The daily devotionals and affirmations in this book will be like sunshine on a cloudy day, paint and paintbrushes to an artist, and food for the soul.  In addition, the Word of God is the ultimate source to be encouraged, full of affirmations, and love and through these devotionals, you will find bible verses that will enrich, strengthen and bless your reading.  You will not only be encouraged and uplifted, but the words will penetrate your heart and influence you to share with others.  Encourage and be encouraged!