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With Capitol Hill as it's backdrop, BEWARE THE POTUS is a thriller in which every character believes in the golden rule - those with the gold make the rules. Newly elected President and decorated soldier, Dale Patton, (no relation to the famous general), has a no-nonsense approach when an American plane is highjacked. He refuses to follow political protocol and has threatened the Washington power structure. The President orders his nemesis, Senator Stewart Dooley, to leave town, discovers an information leak within his inner circle, is threatened with impeachment and faces an assassination attempt, all while dealing with terrorists in the first few days of his administration. Oh yeah, the President's mother-in-law is a passenger on the hijacked plane, which is making life a little difficult around the First Lady.When the perpetrators take refuge in Iraq, the President holds the entire country accountable. The heads of state question his sanity when he threatens Iraq with total annihilation if additional hostages are harmed. Even the President's inner circle become nervous when his threat was challenged because they know that he never, ever bluffs - ever. BEWARE THE POTUS is fast moving and touches on a number of current world events. If you have been frustrated or angered about the way the United States has handled terrorist aggression in the past, you will find yourself cheering for President Patton!



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