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DONUM:  Creating a Sustainable Gifting Experience


88% of consumers think gift returns go right back on the shelf to be resold to the next consumer. This belief is false. Most end up in landfills.


5.8 Billion tons of returns end up in landfills each year.


The shipping process for these gifts emits 16 million metric tons of CO2 each year.


Returning a gift can cost the seller 66% of the gift’s sale price, making it cheaper to dispose of the return and simply send a replacement.


Donum provides 7 easy and thoughtful steps to becoming a sustainable gift giver - to help stop gift returns in their tracks and create a sustainable gifting experience by purchasing the right gift, and getting it right the first time.


The simple ideas outlined in Donum will help alleviate the massive waste of resources, save shoppers time, and help solve the problems that reverse logistics simply cannot. This is a gift to you, to us, and the planet.


DONUM: Creating a Sustainable Gifting Experience


    DONUM ships within 2 weeks.

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