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In September 2020, Cassandra Porter authored, I Am That One Black Friend: Lessons From a Magical Unicorn, a multi-award winning book in the Multicultural Non-fiction category. This book received national recognition as the winner of the Maincrest Media Awards, finalist of the Best Book Awards by the American Bookfest and finalist in the Book Excellence Awards. The concepts and the lessons resonated with all audiences from high school students to retired professionals. As Cassandra began to use the book with clients in her company, Favorite Part of My Day, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting firm, she noticed the wide array of conversations sparked by those concepts where participants were finding application in their professional and personal worlds.


As a result, this facilitated workbook was created to build on those concepts and lessons. It provides structure to the activities and conversations that need to occur and the intention is to take time to dive deep into concepts that are complex. With the facilitated workbook, participants can leave with action items as they move their lives, their families and their work environments in a more anti-racist direction.

I AM THAT ONE BLACK FRIEND - Facilitated Workbook


    I AM THAT ONE BLACK FRIEND - Facilitated Workbook will ship after September 15, 2022.


    Please contact for bulk orders.

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