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Sonya Ruff Jarvis writes a captivating book using everyday experiences, identified and used as “Mindful Minutes” to help you leverage common mistakes and accomplishments made by others while building a successful business. Mindful Minutes: A Marketer’s Journey Through Business, captures learning moments from everyday encounters through the eyes of an MBA marketer, Entrepreneur, SBO, wife and mom. Sonya chronicles the journey with like themes, while putting the lessons in context to allow the reader to see the commonalities and occurrences; ultimately allowing you to learn from them. This is the first of a series of “Mindful Minutes” books with similar themes. Start collecting yours now with this one - “A Marketer’s Journey Through Business” and look for future Mindful Minutes: “A Marketer’s Journey Through Branding” and “A Marketer’s Journey Through Events”.


Buy in paperback here or on Amazon also available as an E-book

Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business by Sonya Ruff Jarvis

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