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Pieces of Me: A Book of Poems


Seeking a connection to future generations and her legacy, Lentina Rogers was inspired to write this book of poetry, Pieces of Me: A Book of Poems. Her words reflect a journey of personal development and deep awakening. In each poem, she reveals herself to be an example of encouragement for others who dare to dream and to be all they can be!


Lentina Rogers expresses her gratitude and grace through the themes of love, family, friendship, legacy, and memories. Through Pieces of Me, Lentina hopes to provide a moment in time ¾ the past, the present, and the future.


As you indulge in these poems, you will experience how her heart connects to family, friends, and you, allowing you to receive the awakening of your soul.

PIECES OF ME: A Book of Poems


    PIECES OF ME:  A Book of Poems will ship after May 15, 2022.


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