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Have you ever gone through a metamorphosis—a significant life change? In “Release Moments”, author Rosetta Priestly shares some key stages that contributed to the metamorphosis that made her the Warrior Woman of God that she is today.


After the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, in the pupa stage; there is a struggle to get out of the cocoon. Before a beautiful butterfly emerges, the struggle pushes the blood into its wings to develop and strengthen them for flight once they break free. The process has the appearance of pain and torture, but in reality, this struggle is necessary. Necessary for the caterpillar to emerge as the beautiful, transformed creation. Necessary for the now butterfly to soar above the things that once weighed them down. Necessary for the butterfly to be what God has placed in their DNA to be from the beginning. What an excellent process! The significance of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar has taught me that struggles are a NECESSARY part of life.


Rosetta describes the process that she went through to become the Warrior Woman of God by receiving her Heavenly Father’s permission to go through that metamorphosis. During struggles, trials, and pain God showed her how to overcome through the power of His Word and guidance of Holy Spirit. As you read “Release Moments”, be inspired to allow God to heal, deliver, encourage, and enrich your life as you traverse your transformational journey, and release your life moments into the capable hands of God. God’s metamorphosis can make a struggle an opportunity to soar in faith.


RELEASE MOMENTS: Forgiveness Learned, Strength to Overcome & Empowered to Live

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