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Stay Strong in Me:  30-Day Devotional by Kimberly I. Miller


Stay Strong in Me: 30-Day Devotional, features thirty days of faith-filled inspiring sections to uplift and speak to the believer’s heart towards believing in God’s promises.  We may sometimes experience the deep core of believing what we cannot see in the natural eye, which causes us to not be assured in our faith.  A person who lives without faith is always seeking an explanation.  Faith means many things to the unbeliever, however, in the Child of God, faith is expecting what we cannot see and believing in the hope of God’s word.  As a child of God, faith is the key devotion and commitment to God fulling His promises.  Through this devotional workbook, you will be guided toward a direct understanding and prospective by revealing your personal belief of faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as you face the unforeseen trials and toils of life’s circumstances.

Stay Strong in Me: 30-Day Devotional


    Stay Strong in Me: 30-Day Devotional will ship after May 1, 2022

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