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The Messiah's Servant

Two thousand years ago, Simon witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He had no idea that the compassion he showed to a beaten, forsaken, and condemned stranger would result in an indefinite period of servitude. It was hard leaving his family, but having the ability to help others eased his pain. Sustained by the blood of Jesus, Simon has been walking the earth for over two thousand years.

Simon's journey has shown him how cruel man can be. He has witnessed things unimaginable but he will never forget the inhumanity of slavery and the horrors of the holocaust. Yet, his assignments were few and his task was to encourage the confused and to give them hope until Jesus returns.


Simon was first greeted to the twentieth century by local police officers. They felt obligated to question a man walking the streets at night with bloody hands. His explanation did not go over well, and neither did their attempt to arrest him. They would soon realize that there really is “power in the blood”.


Take this journey with Simon - from the crucifixion to modern day. See how Jesus uses him to prove that He has always been with each of us, even through difficult times. Then, watch how the world is mesmerized by The Messiah’s Servant and learn why the name of Jesus is on the lips of every man, woman, boy and girl.

The Messiah's Servant


    The Messiah's Servant will ship after April 15, 2021. 

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