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How many times do you and your team talk about the same problems? Months and years can be wasted revisiting the same problems and discussing the same solutions that haven’t worked. There are many workshops for leaders in business, but very few of those workshops help you solve the business problems that keep you up at night. Well, here it is!

The Optimist Workbook: 5 Steps to Sustainable Solutions in Business is the companion workbook to a workshop of the same name. The 5 Steps workshop helps alleviate the frustration from not having an efficient and effective method for solving problems. The workshop was specifically designed for women because we don’t have time to waste. You can trust that the 5 Step workshop is based on best practices, proven methods, direct experience, and steps that work.

Haven’t attended the workshop? Contact us at Optimist Business Solutions, LLC to finally get the help on those difficult business problems.

The Optimist: 5 Steps to Sustainable Solutions for Women in Business

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