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Margaret Donaldson Cobb

Margaret Donaldson Cobb

I began writing I thought it was An Absolute Contradicition in 2003. Yes, 20 years ago God gave me this title as I was sitting in Dr. Preston T. Adams’ III Sunday school class. I cannot remember what was being taught, I just remember my response was “that’s an absolute contradiction”. Fast forward 20 years since that time the chapter titles have become reality whereas at first, I was writing for encouragement and enjoyment, I now have lived, and I am living each one.

What do you mean by that? Well, the title “Joy in the Midst of Sorrow”, was something I would say to encourage others who had suffered loss and now I have. The pain of losing a loved one can be excruciating and the thought of any type of joy contradicted my soul. Losing my husband after 36 years, 13 days, 13 hours - two weeks from our 37th wedding anniversary in 2016, was the hardest thing that had ever happened to me. I cried and cried and the times I did allow joy and laughter, afterwards I felt guilty.
I relate to each chapter personally and pray that this book will give insight into to your lives as you read and use the note pages to create your thoughts of what may seem or have seemed like contradictions in your life.

I/we have raised three awesome adults Andrew, Anthony, and Anita, who could write their own stories of Absolute Contradictions.

My prayer for this book is to reach people where they are in this world of many contradictions. It may be difficult sometimes making decisions that honors God, and it is contrary to what friends, and family may do, and you may find yourself second guessing your decision. This book sheds light on just that, ways that seem right to us may lead to heartache and pain, whereas if we choose God’s ways, we can trust that every little thing will work out alright. Even though one may challenge us about God’s ways – just know and trust he is the hurt and the healer. And you thought it was too, An Absolute Contradiction.

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