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I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTION:  God’s Ways Versus Our Ways, will shed light on some basic biblical truths where some may view their ways to be right versus the teachings in the Bible. Some may even challenge others who believe and follow God. I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTION  provides differing ways of thinking about biblical text, but in no way will offend. In this book, author, Margaret A. Donaldson Cobb will address contradictions such as,  “Joy in the Midst of Sorrow” or “Love Your Enemies”.  Some of these biblical phrases may be considered oppositional but I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTION is full of stories, testimonies and observations that demonstrate the true testament of how God is everywhere and in every situation. The witness in this book will go forth in a way that will cause examination and not judgement.  It will be simple but profound; encouraging and inspirational and prayerfully, enjoyed by all who will read it.



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