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We Are Enhanced DNA HR 

We provide personalized, cohesive solutions designed to tackle the distinctive hurdles faced by social impact organizations. Ranging from strategic planning to talent retention and performance management, our services are individually crafted to encompass each facet and phase of the team member lifecycle. Each solution is developed with a focus on equity and grounded in the best practices of human resources. We go beyond mere consultancy; we stand as committed partners, and our accessibility, inclusivity, and results-oriented methodologies guarantee the growth and success of your organization — achieved through your people.


HR Essentials:  Navigating Compliance for Business Growth
9-week HR Compliance Mastermind

Are you a small business owner who struggles with HR compliance, process and policies and not sure about whether you have the tools to hire, develop and retain employees?  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform your small business with actionable HR plans that navigates legal complexities, inspires your workforce, and builds a legacy of growth, all wrapped up into 12 weeks.

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