Daisy Arness Marrs



Daisy Marrs has been a nurse for over thirty years in which she found healing through helping others. She also obtained her Cosmetology License in 1986 and opened up a Hair Salon in 1999 called Fashions Hair Designs. As God spoke to her, He informed her that He was sending her back to help others experiencing abuse, to find their way out. It was then, He gave her the vision to help others going through domestic violence and A-Way-Out Ministries was founded in 1999. Daisy also recorded a gospel CD in support of the organization. She received her degree in Christian Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University in the year 2020 to let others know that God has a purpose for their lives and abuse is not part of it. It is important to her that victims find a way out of abusive relationships and enjoy life on the other side of abuse. You can find her story “Domestic Terror The Daisy Marrs Story” on YouTube. 

“Understanding the phases of abuse would require a strong mind to not let your past relationship dominate your present one.”

-   Daisy Arness Marrs


Domestic Violence! A Wrong Turn in Life



In this book, Woman to Woman: Domestic Violence! A Wrong Turn in Life, you will be taken on a journey that will help you understand the will of God for your life. Daisy Arness Marrs will help you understand that domestic violence is a wrong turn in life and does not define who you are. As a young girl and not feeling loved by her father, Daisy still had dreams. Girls should dream of how life should be, how happiness should be obtained, but unfortunately, dreams can be altered by the hand of someone else. After finding God, Daisy learned that He had never given up on her. Learning to hear His voice allowed her dreams and purpose to come to pass. It was then that through her pain, life would take a turn. 

​​​​​​​Daisy will take you on a journey through her experiences and will help you understand that there is a way out. Ultimately, like Daisy, you will find out how your will to live will give you the strength to survive. She will also help you understand that although victims of domestic violence experience abuse differently, each can have matching scars. If you have ever questioned yourself about the trauma caused by abuse, you will find healing through the chapters of this book. As God reveals himself through the pages, you will learn how to release yourself from your past by loving who God created you to be. Daisy explains the importance of forgiveness in order to be forgiven by God; therefore by releasing your abuser through forgiveness, will also help you move into the present moment instead of the past. Ultimately, as God shows up through your reading you will be able to feel His presence and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 


“Staying focused will help guide you to the direction intended; thereby shaping you into your God-given purpose.”

-   Daisy Arness Marrs