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Author Bio

Marcia Nicks

Marcia Nicks is an Indianapolis, Indiana native. She was born into a family of seventeen siblings and is the mother to nine children, twenty-nine grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.  Marcia’s passion was to become a Certified Public Accountant. Though Marcia did not accomplish the CPA certification, she attained a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the age of 62. In 2012, Marcia started her tax consultant company, Marlee Taxes.  Her company later merged with Mimms Tax Services, where she continues to serve clients each year. 


Marcia’s lineage stems from a branch of pastors, preachers, singers and musicians. Marcia exercises two gifts of the spirit: giving and teaching. She has been a Sunday School teacher for ages 10-12; a youth leader for camps and excursions; and the leader of the youth choir. Additionally, Marcia became the director of plays performed at Believers in Christ, many of those plays she wrote. 


Marcia knows all too well the pain caused by a muted voice.  She was inspired to write this book as a legacy to her family and to those who are struggling to be heard. Living through and overcoming struggles in her life led her to write this book and a second book is in progress.

Be Encouraged.


You are not alone. You have the ability to rise above any situation and succeed in life. My Voice Will Be Heard, is for anyone that has been pushed to the background of their life because of insecurity or mistreatment from others. This book gives real-life examples of situations and their resolution. You can use this book as encouragement to live a more positive and productive life and as a reminder that you are just as viable and valuable as the next person. Your Voice Will Be Heard!

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