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Kathleen Sophia Coleman

Late Bloomers Are Overcomers in Mentoring Moments

Kathleen Sophia Coleman is a transformation enthusiast. Nothing gives her greater joy than observing others bloom and transform into God’s perfect will for their lives. Kathleen is a firm believer that the word of God is a powerful seed, that when planted in the soil of our mind, will cause us to be successful and prosperous in every area of life – personally, academically or professionally, in spite of the circumstance that could hinder and delay us.  


A self-proclaimed late bloomer, and an introvert, Kathleen has thrived despite childhood abuse, abandonment, homelessness, and self-doubt. Kathleen is a Certified Life Coach, and an ordained Pastor. She is the founder of The International Evangelistic Prayer Ministry, Director of Miss Sophia’s House and CEO of Kathleen Coleman Speaking and Coaching. She is also a published author of two books, Dispensation of Marriage and Every Need Met.

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