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Sonya Ruff Jarvis

Propelling Forward Through Perseverance and Persistence in Mentoring Moments

Sonya Ruff Jarvis, a life-long marketer, has been a corporate executive, bible study teacher, organizer of events with tens of thousands attendees and now a successful small business owner. And through all of this, Sonya has run the New York City Marathon, survived breast cancer and created an innovative business-to-business customer relationship model. She and her husband live in Connecticut with their daughter who is a fierce basketball player and their Havanese dog, Sadie, who completes their family. 

Her book, Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business, is the debut of a series of books on business, branding and event marketing. Additional information and Sonya's Blog can be found on

Other Works by Sonya Ruff Jarvis:
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