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Sonal Sheth Zawahri

Have You Stretched Today?  

Sonal Sheth Zawahri holds a B.S. degree from Miami University, and a M.S. degree from Ohio State University and is the Founder and CEO of Tru You LLC.  It is her passion and life’s work to encourage and inspire those around her to find and cultivate their true selves because she believes that each of us deserves to see the true version of who we really are. 


The daughter of immigrants and born in India herself, Sonal has relentlessly pursued excellence in everything she has desired and has always come out with a fearless confidence and commitment to make anything work. She credits her parents for this.  Breaking tradition to go through a divorce, leaving her career even after getting her master’s degree and several company layoffs, Sonal just always knew there was more.


She radiates hope and at age 40 she remarried to the love of her life and had a miracle baby at 43 years old. She now lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Tarek and miracle child, Nadia Asha while building her business in professional speaking and training.   Sonal is the author of her book, Have You Stretched Today? and she looks forward to living the rest of her life always stretching and growing outside of her comfort zone to experience magic. She also wants you to always ask yourself, “Have you stretched today”?  You can reach Sonal on her website:

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