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Carnell T. Ellison

Carnell T. Ellison


Carnell T. Ellison is an active nine-year-old and an aspiring author. He is in the third grade and enjoys math. When he is not adding and subtracting he enjoys writing, playing football and science experiments. Carnell lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his mom, Shartisha, dad, Jimmie and his sister, Leslee.  One of his favorite things is watching movies on family movie night with his mom, dad and sister.

Carnell is the winner of the Enhanced DNA Publishing 2020 Young Writer's Contest and his book, "Carnell's Epic Super Hero Story" is the winning entry for the contest!  Congratulations on getting your book published, Carnell, and good luck with all of your future endeavors!

Carnell’s Epic Super Hero Story


This is the story of Carnell and his experience with two amazing Super Heroes - Kind and Brave. They were bullied by the Villain named Bad Luck.  Come experience Carnell's Epic Super Hero story and find out how Kind and Brave were able to conquer Bad Luck.  But more importantly, you will find out how a third Super Hero was born!

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