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Sonya McNeil

Sonya McNeil is a proud mother of two and is a native of Illinois who now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sonya has an Associate Degree in Applied Science and holds the Bachelor of Art’s degree in Social Work from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. 


Sonya was baptized at the age of fourteen and received the Holy Ghost at the age of 17. She lives a Godly life and has served in many areas in the kingdom of God. Sonya was reared in the Church by her grandmother, the late Sarah Johnson. Sonya has a heart to assist those that are in need and helps unselfishly. Through her new book, Healing of a Daughter’s Heart,  Sonya sheds some light on those that are hurting from their absent fathers as well as to help fathers understand why it is so important for them to help raise their children and why their absence contributes to their childs distress.

Healing of a Daughter’s Heart


In, Healing of a Daughter’s Heart, Sonya McNeil shares a touching account of the importance of having a father or a father figure in a daughter’s life. Healing of a Daughter’s Heart is not only a book about an absent father, it talks about how the author was able to heal by taking steps to overcome that feeling of abandonment. This book also shares how God used leaders and those closest to her to impart what she was missing from her father.   If you have ever had a feeling of abandonment, this book will provide some healing power to be able to take steps to move on to a successful life.

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