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John Michael Mason

John Michael's Herpetology Adventures


Join John Michael and his best friends who are about to have some amazing adventures as herpetologists! These enthusiastic young men are hunting for reptiles and amphibians to further their research. As they travel the world, they encounter many challenges such as global warming, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and even tornados – all of which they overcome.


Through it all, these friends explore the world and meet other herpetologists who are also conducting research. John Michael’s Herpetology Adventures will take you on their journey to demonstrate survival skills that allow them to overcome the odds against them in their quest to save the reptiles and amphibians they are researching. As they explore the rainforests in all parts of the world, they discover and even save these endangered species, and their research is recognized by government leaders. They receive rewards and are recognized as world renown scientists for restoring the environment after storms ravage the herps’ habitats.


You can join the adventures and explore the world of herpetology with these friends and all who join them. You don’t want to miss it!


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