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Anthony W. Lanier


Anthony W. Lanier

Anthony Wayne Lanier was born on August 13, 1957 in Louisville, Kentucky. As a child, he loved the idea of pursuing a career in medicine because of his interest in human anatomy. In elementary school, his talents were directed to national poster campaigns by his sixth-grade teacher. Lanier realized he had a gift in telling stories with pictures, receiving awards and a scholarship offer at eleven years-old. Lanier was the artist for the high school newspaper which aligned with his childhood goal of working for the local newspaper. In his senior year in college, Lanier was invited by a professor to enter a national fine art show judged by the eminent art critic of a major newspaper at the time. It was surprising for a student to get into the exhibit and also receiving purchase awards for both entries. After college, Lanier worked at a small graphics design firm in metro Washington, DC. He returned to Louisville for graduate studies. After a year, he landed an internship that led to a full-time position at the newspaper. Six years later, Lanier became the graphics editor of a newspaper on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, Lanier uses his gift of capturing the moment to illustrate his experiences which is compiled in his most recent work,  FIGURED IT OUT:  Drawings That Define a COVID-19 Experience.


Lanier is married to his wife Carlene and they have three children, Alexandra, Calliope and Regulus.

FIGURED IT OUT:  Drawings That Define A COVID-19 Experience



On July 4, 2019, Anthony W. Lanier, Graphite Guru and Master Artist, started a series of graphite drawings based on images recorded on a cell phone. There was a rhythm. He could complete at least one a day and move on to another subject. FIGURED IT OUT: Drawings that Define a COVID-19 Experience, contains images forging the opportunity of new subjects in masks, plus a whole lot more. With limited mobility in travel, Lanier demonstrates through drawings, a world of everyday people who pass our doorsteps, facing similar challenges. 

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