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Boubacar Cherif Balde

Author Bio:

Boubacar Cherif Balde

Boubacar Cherif Balde is from West Africa Guinea Conakry. She now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and studies at Ivy Tech Community College where she majors in International Relations.  Boubacar’s dream is to become an ambassador representative of Guinea.


While attending Ivy Tech, Boubacar works for the college President as the Systems Office Administrative Intern and because she enjoys being around books, she also works at the Indianapolis Public Library - Central location.


Boubacar speaks Fulani, an African tribal language, French, English, and some basic Spanish. Boubacar believes that everyone can achieve their goals and follow their passion, but it demands focus and determination.


The Fulani Culture


Learn about yourself, learn from others.  This is a union of cultures. Let’s learn it together. 

– Boubacar Cherif Balde


Savvy Yazzy’s African Adventure:  The Fulani Culture is about a girl named Yazzy who travels all the way from America to visit the tribe of Fulani in Guinea, West Africa. Yazzy is a very smart girl who wants to learn about other places and cultures.  In the Fulani tribe, she finds a friend, Bouba, who teaches her the Guinean culture.  Take this journey with Yazzy and Bouba and you will enjoy their adventures and learn about the African culture too.


Author, Boubacar Cherif Balde, is originally from Guinea, Conakry and the Fulani Tribe.  This book is inspired by her own experiences, from living in Guinea to living in Indiana. Both Yazzy and Bouba were modeled after the author. Boubacar's goal is to help educate children from all over the world to understand cultural differences.


This is the first in a series of books about Savvy Yazzy.  Because of the author’s commitment to education, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the Newcomer program of the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system. Stay tuned for more adventures with Savvy Yazzy.

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