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Riley Boerger


From the Author:

I want to start off by thanking you for reading my book. As a 15 year-old in a small town in Washington, this is a dream I never thought I could reach. Everything I wrote about is based on personal experiences. Writing this book was very therapeutic. A little about me: I use pronouns she/her, I will be in 10th grade this upcoming school year (meaning that I will have a published book before my GED), and I want to be a neurosurgeon when I am older. I always believe that my age does not stop me from reaching the stars. I am so excited to share this with you. Remember your past does not define you.


Connect with me:

Instagram- riley_boerger

TikTok- Chronically_riley


Twelve Spoons


Sixty-two doctor appointments, sixteen blood draws, one surgical procedure, and one hell of a story.


Ruth Bilbruck, a normal girl living in a small town in Washington lived a normal television life. She went to school, had friends and hopes for the future. That all changed when Ruth started having sharp, stabbing pain in her hips.


She traded in her soccer uniform for scratchy paper gowns; Associated Student Body meetings, for doctor appointments; and her normal body, for one that feels like it's failing. Her life changed. Leaving her with a fear of increased pain, and grief for the life she once lived. Leaving her to wonder what is the cause, and what does the future now hold?

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