Jannean Hedgespeth

Jannean Hedgespeth

From the Author:

I didn’t begin writing for Christ, I mostly wrote about happenings in my life or what I witnessed. I enjoyed detailing and describing the surroundings of my characters so my reader would feel as though they were a part of my poem or short story. I began developing and writing about two adolescent best friends. I knew right away I wanted them to be different races. These girls didn’t begin as Christians nor were the stories to be Christ centered, but the more my relationship deepened with the Lord, the more I understood and followed His leading to revise the characters. 


Please join Frankie and Abby for more adventures, through fun and mishaps, as they learn about each other and their love for Christ.

                                                                                           - Jannean S. Hedgespeth



Who said different races can’t be best friends? Introducing, Frankie and Abby. Follow these two fourth grade girls, with different personalities, temperaments and opinions, but having the same love for Christ. Frankie, a nine-year old who is unafraid to voice her view on life, as she sees it, is from the city of Indianapolis. Abby, a nine-year-old, calm, yet feisty red head, is from a country farm in Tennessee. Both girls, while on the surface, are opposite, they are, deeply alike. 

Journey along with these two adventurous young ladies as their friendship flourishes and blossoms with every mishap in which they find themselves. From their showdown in the school gymnasium, followed by lessons in tattling, to schemes for getting rid of hiccups before opening night of the school play, these lovable girls, through Christ, will discover their differences are not barriers but bridges to discovery of someone different than themselves – different but still, One in Him.