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Aiden M. Walker

Aiden M. Walker

Author Bio:

Aiden M. Walker is an energetic, fun loving kid from Indiana with a wild imagination. He lives with his mom, dad and a super spunky little brother. Reading doesn’t come easy to Aiden. He would get easily frustrated and lose interest in reading altogether. As a way to still find interest in books his mom would have him describe the pictures in the book and tell his own story by what he saw. From there a young author was born. As Aiden got older, reading became a bit easier and his imagination grew bigger. He wanted to create books for young readers, like himself, that want to read the chapter book but get easily overwhelmed by all the pages and words. So he put his love for helping others, video games, dance, gem collecting and dragons together and created this awesome book series about a kid named Mikey and his dragon and how they go through life’s obstacles together.  




Mikey vs the Bully, written by a kid for kids, is about a boy named Mikey A. Runner and his dragon that go through life’s obstacles together.


Have you ever been bullied? Or been a bully? (Yikes! Hopefully, not the second one, but that’s neither here nor there). Mikey is faced with an unexpected but very common life obstacle of having a bully. He tried avoidance and telling the bully to leave him alone. NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK! But with the help of his dragon, friends and family he was able to come up with an awesome power-move to put the bully in its place for good. 


What would you do if you had a bully? What would you do if you saw someone being bullied? 


Hurdle through this obstacle with Mikey and his dragon to find out more and ignite the inner dragon in you! 

Mikey vs. the Bully

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