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Tony Harold is the Founder of Affinity Capital and a life member of Community Investment Group of Chesapeake, VA. Tony has twenty years experience in commercial/residential real estate, interacting with investors to earn a better than market return, as they impact families.   His team created the NEW Freedman’s Bank of 1865 Real Estate Investments, honoring The Freedman’s Savings & Loan of 1865, started by President Abraham Lincoln for 4 million Freed Slaves, 100,000 depositors over $57 Million dollars in 37 branches across 17 states. Tony believes this is one of the greatest business stories in American History. His mission is to teach families to create generational wealth while his team completes the goals of this rich piece of lost history!  


Tony lives in Virginia Beach, VA, enjoys island vacations, mentors’ youth, is a generous giver, is an author, but his greatest enjoyment is “spending time with his family” as he creates a positive legacy for them to continue forever.


Zero to 300:  How My First Commercial Real Estate Deal was a 300 Unit Multifamily Apartment Community…That Created Generational Wealth!


Zero to 300:  How My First Commercial Real Estate Deal was a 300 Unit Multifamily Apartment Community…That Created Generational Wealth!, by Tony Harold, is the story about how real estate changed his life and how it can change yours too! Tony was born poor, got a good education, got married, started a family, followed all the rules, and lost it all, several times.  Then, after a life of NEVER QUITTING Tony found success in real estate and earned financial freedom.  His goal is now to help others do the same.


Through Zero to 300, Tony shares how he found a 300 Unit Apartment community, and then searched and joined a seasoned real estate investment team, Community Investment Group, and together they transformed the community and the people!  In the process, Tony’s life transformed with NEW HOPE, and he realized this is the WORK he is PURPOSED to do for the rest of his life.  At the end of the project, Tony became FINANCIALLY FREE, owns, and is invested in more than 1,200 apartments today!   Zero to 300 is a story and a crash course for anybody who wants to look at where they are and FOCUS on a plan to complete their journey, get their FAITH back, put their family and life back together, and achieve TOTAL PEACE.  Not only with money, but the peace from using any level of financial stability and generosity to help others.  


Tony is building an army to teach one billion people how to obtain this peace at any level of personal finance. 

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