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Rev. Larry Walker, Jr.

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Rev. Larry Walker, Jr. was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Larry Walker, Sr and Christina Henard. He grew up with four brothers and one sister in a loving home during a time of racial tensions and forced integration.


He has lived in Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA and Stamford, CT. He moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in 1982; the place he now calls home.  He has been Executive Director at Inner-City Solutions, Inc, and a leader at several Non-profit organizations, including Anthem Strong Families and Matthew 25:40 Project.


He is the Founder of Living God’s Way Ministries, Inc. and The Gideon Group of North Texas and has a heart for our neighbors without homes, the formerly incarcerated and veterans.


Rev. Walker describes himself as a  connector and prides himself on being an all-inclusive community collaborator and leader. He is fond of saying: “I know a whole lot of people most people would like to know; the kind of people everybody should want to know. They are the kind of people who know it is more important to be KIND, than to be known.”

His calling is to bring them together.      


Untruan Grant


Untruan Grant is a father, mentor, life coach, entrepreneur, author and motivational public speaker who teaches people the importance of perseverance and  speaking “his truth” of how he overcame the tragedies he was born into, including abandonment, physical, verbal and mental abuse.


Untruan has made it his life's mission to educate and mentor those who come from a background of brokenness. Untruan is a member of Urban Specialists’ OGU movement which teaches individuals like himself, who are from urban communities, on how to use their influence to stop senseless violence and how to change the current toxic culture of the world. 


In addition to mentoring, Untruan is a public speaker who speaks on topics relating to youth empowerment, black mental health, overcoming odds, community development and more. Untruan has been invited to speak at Urban Specialists’ OGU Movement and many other community events.


Untruan is also a member of Tyro Champion Dads - Anthem Strong Families; an organization that empowers fathers to be their absolute best for their children and families.

The Preacher and the Street Prophet

An all-inclusive preacher and a self-proclaimed, newly rising street prophet, both travel the same roads - both offering hope and inspiration to the old and new generations.


The Preacher & The Street Prophet:  Words of Inspiration & Reflections, provides inspiring and dynamic words from the younger man (the prophet) and insightful reflections from the older (the preacher).  


Each, in their own way,  hopes to make the best of their time; while offering true “on-time”  words of wisdom.  Enjoy the inspiration, the reflections and the biblical expressions that bind the preacher and the street prophet together to achieve the same goals.

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