Author Assessment


  1. Is your book completed (written and edited)?
  2. Have you completed the first draft of your book?
  3. Have you outlined your book?
  4. Have you identified your area of expertise or theme for your book?
  5. Have you completed research on your topic?
  6. Do you have 3 main points identified for your book?
  7. Have you identified what success as an author looks like to you?
  8. Have you researched what is needed to achieve your vision of success as an author?
  9. Have you written out your author goals and your plan to achieve them?
  10. Do you currently have the resources to reach your goals as an author?
  11. Do you plan on writing multiple books?
  12. Do you plan on writing being a main source of income?
  13. Do you have a writing plan?
  14. Do you have a publishing plan?
  15. Do you have a marketing plan?
  16. Have you identified your publishing tools?
  17. Can you describe your ideal reader (target audience)?
  18. Are you currently engaging your target audience?
  19. Have you begun building your brand as an author?
  20. Have you fully established your credibility with your target audience?

Your Responses:

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Ayeesha T. Lewis

Photo May 02, 10 33 03 AM.jpg

Ayeesha T. Lewis became a born-again Christian and re-dedicated her life to Jesus Christ in 1996.  She accepted her calling to ministry in 2015.  Her ministry giftings are as an intercessor/prayer warrior, evangelism, anointing of prophetic teaching and preaching. She has served as a facilitator on The Lifeline Prayer Call under the visionary, Lenika Scott since 2016.  In addition, she hosts and leads the "Thankful Thursday Live Prayer" via Facebook since 2018 which was developed to meet the prayer needs of God's people for healing and deliverance.  She also gives service in her church Eastern Star Church, in Indianapolis, Indiana as a member of the Servants in Action Ministry.  Ayeesha has been married to Darren S. Lewis for over 19 years and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Photo May 04, 8 21 40 AM.jpg

Surviving Spiritual Warfare: 

Thank God I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through

In, Surviving Spiritual Warfare:  Thank God I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through - A Deliverance Manual, the author gives detailed accounts of her personal spiritual warfare experiences.  This book is a deliverance manual for informing readers about spiritual warfare, identifies and defines signs attributed to warfare and provides a step-by-step guide for deliverance grounded in sound biblical doctrine.

In it's first week of pre-sales on Amazon, Surviving Spiritual Warfare reached multiple #1 spots on Amazon Hot New Releases!  Get your copy today!

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