Author Assessment


  1. Is your book completed (written and edited)?
  2. Have you completed the first draft of your book?
  3. Have you outlined your book?
  4. Have you identified your area of expertise or theme for your book?
  5. Have you completed research on your topic?
  6. Do you have 3 main points identified for your book?
  7. Have you identified what success as an author looks like to you?
  8. Have you researched what is needed to achieve your vision of success as an author?
  9. Have you written out your author goals and your plan to achieve them?
  10. Do you currently have the resources to reach your goals as an author?
  11. Do you plan on writing multiple books?
  12. Do you plan on writing being a main source of income?
  13. Do you have a writing plan?
  14. Do you have a publishing plan?
  15. Do you have a marketing plan?
  16. Have you identified your publishing tools?
  17. Can you describe your ideal reader (target audience)?
  18. Are you currently engaging your target audience?
  19. Have you begun building your brand as an author?
  20. Have you fully established your credibility with your target audience?

Your Responses:

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Janetta M. Coleman, MS, LSW, CMP



Janetta M. Colman, President of Montrell Partnerships LLC and Genesis Mediation LLC is a licensed Social Worker with 25 years of experience in child welfare.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s of Science.  She has served on various boards within the community such as the Indiana Association on Adoption Child Care Services, Nina Mason Pulliam Scholars Program at Ivy Tech College, Secretary of the Indiana Association of Mediators, Region 7 Representative for the National Association of Social Workers for Indiana, and Chair of the Education Committee for Meeting Planners International, Indiana Chapter.  She was a Task Instructor for Indiana University School of Social Work, and worked as adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech College and is a former Miss Indiana USA Pageant Delegate of 1999.


As an entrepreneur she addresses the needs of children and families by planning various statewide conference for the Indiana Department for the Indiana Department of Child Services, providing project management for healthy and human service initiatives, and mediation services as an alternative to adversarial court battles between co-parents.  Her personal and business goals are to be a connector of resources, a conduit for change, and mentor others.


SURVIVING FOSTER CARE:  A Journey of Self-Discovery

Surviving Foster Care:  A Journey of Self-Discovery is a journey of healing, empowerment, and inspiration.  Individuals in foster care, and professionals who work within child welfare, will find tools and tactics to give strength and perseverance in place of trauma. This book will help provide a pathway for those who have experienced foster care to answer questions, discover purpose, and reignite life with a renewed spirit.

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