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Lentina Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Butterfly Effects, LLC, a youth  mentor organization where the goal is to enhance the physical, mental and emotional quality of life for the next generation. Lentina is also the Founder and CEO of She Became Me, LLC, an organization with the goal to encourage, elevate and enhance the quality of life for women all over the world, through friendship, mentorship and authorship. She Became Me has birthed many avenues to healing, gaining prosperity and self-concept development. The She Became Me movement has also resulted in the She Became Me podcast. This platform provides opportunities for women to share their products, services, ideas, love and positive light.  In addition, She Became Me has established women assembly small groups that consist of women from all around the world who connect for one hour, one day a week for six weeks, to support others and invest in their own self-development curriculum.

PIECES OF ME: A Book of Poems


Seeking a connection to future generations and her legacy, Lentina Rogers was inspired to write this book of poetry, Pieces of Me: A Book of Poems. Her words reflect a journey of personal development and deep awakening. In each poem, she reveals herself to be an example of encouragement for others who dare to dream and to be all they can be! 


Lentina Rogers expresses her gratitude and grace through the themes of love, family, friendship, legacy, and memories. Through Pieces of Me, Lentina hopes to provide a moment in time ¾ the past, the present, and the future.


As you indulge in these poems, you will experience how her heart connects to family, friends, and you, allowing you to receive the awakening of your soul. 


Lentina Rogers Presents  
She Became Me:  A Letter to My Younger Self (Anthology)


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She Became Me:  A Letter to My Younger Self

Have you ever thought about your past and wished you could tell your younger self that “everything is going to be alright”?  In She Became Me:  A Letter to my Younger Self, fourteen amazing women have written a letter to their younger selves to reflect on experiences that molded them into who they became.  In these very personal and heartwarming letters, each woman has assured their younger selves that they ultimately were not defined by what they went through – the past was just part of the process to get to their purpose. Take this journey with them and you will learn about their trials, their struggles, their ultimate triumphs that brought them to their purpose and you may find your own purpose in the process. 


She Became Me:  Notes to Myself (Journal) 

"She Became Me: Notes to Myself" journal is the companion to the book, "She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self". Capture moments of planting seeds to grow the person you are becoming


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Presenting Author:  Lentina Rogers


Lentina Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Butterfly Effects, LLC.  Lentina is recognized as a youth mentor, family success – motivational and inspirational coach.  She is passionate about encouraging people and helping them identify and appreciate the value of their uniqueness. As CEO of the Butterfly Effects, she has created the opportunity to empower, share, and put into practice her mantra - "If you can change one thing, then you are capable of changing everything".

Contributing Authors

Destined to be Me:  Lentina Rogers                                         My Peace, My Purpose:  Ronieka Howell

Reflections in the Mirror:  Katrina Garner                             Dear Younger Self:  Janie Sue Flynn

Better Days:  Patricia Tate-Robertson                                   Full Circle:  La Tosha Walker

Hi Little One:  Alva Bronaugh                                                      We Grow Through What We Go Through:  Jasmine Gamble

Thansformed:  Carmen Green                                                    A Little Girl’s Purpose:  Treva Shuler             

Queen:  Preciss Stone                                                                   There is a Hope and a Future:  Lateena Pettis

“Listen, Lonnie, Listen”:  Yalonda Brown                               Reason, Season or a Lifetime:  Skye Berger




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