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Juszina Maria



Juszina Maria was born and raised in Gary, Indiana and is the third oldest of six children.  She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and has two wonderful sons, Roosevelt and Ryan. Her granddaughter, Neasia, means the world to her.   


Juszina’s mother instilled the value of hard work and how it was so important to attend school and learn a trade.  Her grandmother would always say, “Do something you love doing and you will never work a day in your life”. This was definitely a true statement and as a result of that guidance, Juszina graduated from Gary Lew Wallace High School and then the Chef Academy in Indianapolis, with Honors. She then became the owner of Classy Diva Caterers and the Agency Owner of her own Insurance Company.


Juszina always wanted to figure out different ways that would allow her to give back, help and be a blessing to others. She has a passion for cooking which is a gift from God.  She plans to share this gift with the world through a series of cookbooks and eventually her own cooking show.

Fava:  The Cookbook Made to Feed Your Soul

It is time to release that stress and anxiety and begin to feed your soul.  The recipes in this cookbook were all made from the favor God put in my life.  Sometimes we may not see it that way, but He would never put us through something that we could not handle.  So, get ready to hear my testimony through my recipes.  Sit back. Relax. And unfasten your belt as you get ready to taste His favor and release what is holding you back!

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