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Stacia Gowens


Stacia A. Gowens is the visionary behind Tales from Fatherhood. She recognized the fathers in her life could serve as strong role models for all fathers; those new to the Dad role, to those who now have the honor of being a Grandfather and every father in between. Stacia is a born Spartan (Go Green) and was raised in Lansing, MI. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration both from Michigan State University. She is married to the love of her life, Edward Gowens, who is one of this work’s featured authors. They have two amazing children, Christopher and Alexa.


The fourteen dad authors of Tales from Fatherhood have a combined 874 years of fatherhood experience! This collection of stories of triumph over the seen and unseen challenges of fatherhood is sure to inspire, motivate, and challenge many of the “conventions” about the blessed assignment of fatherhood.

You will read stories from fathers who had to create their own blueprint for raising and loving their children, some who grew up in loving homes with their own fathers as that blueprint and those who would mark their relationship status with their dad as “it’s complicated.” The journey leads to discovering the importance of faith, developing a vision of fatherhood, being truly present in the lives of our children and exposing them to greatness. You will identify with the uncertainty that every father feels when guiding their children and how to build strong, genuine, and lasting connections. Each story reveals many of the roots of being an amazing father: love, strength, determination, faith, perseverance, and hope. Tales from Fatherhood aims to create a virtual village of “Fab-Dads” who lean on and learn from one another, all for the benefit of future generations.



Contributing Authors:   Arvie Anderson, Darnell Blackburn, Ryan Brand, Lamar Eason, Ed Gowens, Eric Hodge, Bob Hurd, James Lewis, Ryan McMillan, Demias Pegues, Quake Pletcher, Bryant Seaton, Kareem Washington and Kevin White

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MENTORING MOMENTS:  Expect the UNexpected 

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