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How Important is Community?

In an increasingly interconnected world, the concept of community has taken on a renewed significance. Whether it is a local neighborhood, social media or a shared interest group, community is the cornerstone of human existence.

Community fosters a sense of belonging, provides support and collaboration and its importance cannot be overstated.

Whether at home, work or anywhere else, we all have a need to belong to something. Community plays a pivotal role in fulfilling this need. That is why it is so common to see people involved in different organizations, clubs or groups. We tend to connect with like-minded individuals who have similar experiences and create a sense of belonging. These groups often become our support system – sometimes helping individuals navigate life’s challenges.

I look back over my life and can recall that the times that I felt like I belonged the most was when I had my community to be a part of. It probably started in grade school when I was a part of the school choir; carried through into high school when I joined several groups with similar interests: chess club, ROTC, track and field, youth group at church, and even cheerleading. In college, the group that I identified with the most was my sorority which formed some life-long friendships. All throughout my life, I can recall when those groups (or community) may have saved me and made the difference in how I became the person I am today.

I am very proud of the fact that in my entrepreneurial journey, I have become a part of some communities that have resulted in an exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences within the community resulting in personal growth and development which has helped me expand my horizon and reach higher potential.

In my role as publisher, I have had the pleasure of facilitating a culture and a community in Indianapolis. This city has had plenty of local authors but there hasn’t been a coordinated effort to bring those authors together as an author community. I am so proud to say that over the past two years, I have facilitated several functions, workshops, and social media groups designed to grow that culture.

One of the messages that I share through the Enhanced DNA Publishing Academy is to “Grow as An AUTHORity” – in your field of expertise, with your target audience and in the author community. This means that authors need to establish themselves with people who are in the same field of expertise, people who are interested in their products and other authors. These become their community.

This week we had an AMAZING celebration for National Author’s Day on November 1st.

This networking event was for authors, prospective authors and those who wanted to meet authors. It was a huge success – "the growth of our Indianapolis author community".

In a post-pandemic world where technological advancements led to social isolation, the essence of community remains a beacon of hope and connection. Whether in the form of a close-knit neighborhood, an online support group, or even a global network, communities play a crucial role in shaping our identities, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change. By recognizing and nurturing the power of community, we can create a more inclusive, resilient, and empathetic world where individuals thrive together.

What communities do you belong to?


Denola M. Burton is the Founder and CEO of Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC and Enhanced DNA Publishing. ThroughEnhanced DNA, Denola develops and nurtures individuals and organizations to achieve their Leadership, Communication and Performance goals and objectives. Denola is also an author and publisher and through Enhanced DNA Publishing, assists new and newer authors in publishing their books according to the standards of the Independent Book Publisher's Association (IBPA). Denola retired from Eli Lilly and Company after 27 years where the majority of her career was focused on Employee Relations/Human Resources. Interested in becoming an author? Check out Denola' s award-winning book, Enhancing Your Author DNA: Step-by-Step Publishing Guide.

You can connect with Denola on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN Enhanced DNA or send a message to


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