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The Power of Speaker One-Sheets: A Must-Have for Authors

By: DJ McCord and Aisha Cargile (McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources)

In the world of writing and publishing, authors are known for their words. We craft stories that captivate, educate, and inspire readers. But what if I told you that as an author, your words could extend beyond the pages of your books and into the world of speaking engagements? That's where the magic of speaker one-sheets comes into play.

What is a Speaker One-Sheet?

A speaker one-sheet is like your author resume, but with a twist. It's a single-page document that showcases your expertise, speaking topics, and credentials as a speaker. It's your golden ticket to landing speaking gigs at conferences, book festivals, and literary events.

So, why should authors have a speaker one-sheet?

There are many reasons why an author should have a speaker one-sheet. Here are our top 5.

1. Amplify Your Author Brand

As an author, you've already established yourself as an expert in your niche. A speaker one-sheet allows you to leverage that expertise and expand your brand. It tells event organizers that you're not just an author but a dynamic speaker with valuable insights to share. 

2. Attract Speaking Opportunities

In the literary world, speaking engagements go hand in hand with book promotion. A well-crafted one-sheet makes it easy for event organizers to understand what you bring to the table. They can quickly assess your topics, experience, and suitability for their event, making you a prime candidate for speaking opportunities. A speaker one-sheet also tells event organizers that you’re interested in speaking engagements and they should reach out to you when such opportunities arise. 

3. Impress Event Organizers

Imagine being an event organizer bombarded with speaker inquiries. A professionally designed one-sheet sets you apart from the crowd. It shows that you're serious, prepared, and committed to delivering a memorable presentation. It also provides them with most of the content they will need when promoting your presence at an event. You may be surprised how much time event organizers spend gathering information from presenters. It can be frustrating and exhausting. Your one-sheet tells them that not only are you prepared, but you understand the importance of having this information readily available and won’t make their job harder.

4. Streamline Booking

One-sheets make the booking process smoother. Event organizers can share your one-sheet with their team or committee, making it easier to reach a consensus on inviting you as a speaker. Once the decision has been made to invite you, event organizers can use the information provided on your one-sheet to communicate the offer to you. 

5. Tell Your Story

Your one-sheet isn't just about facts and figures; it's a chance to tell your story. Share your passion, mission, and the impact you aim to create through your speaking engagements. A compelling narrative can resonate with event organizers, ensure you are being considered for audiences that fall within your target markets and lead to more invitations.

Crafting Your Speaker One-Sheet

Creating an effective speaker one-sheet involves showcasing your unique selling points, topics, testimonials, and contact information. It should be visually appealing, easy to read, and highlight your speaking style.

Remember, a speaker one-sheet is not a one-size-fits-all document. Tailor it to suit different event types and audiences. Keep it updated with your latest achievements and speaking engagements.

Simple Speaker One-Sheet Checklist

  • Images - Headshot (Must Have) - Image of Your Book (Nice to Have) - Image of You Speaking (Nice to Have)

  • Bio (Must Have)

  • Topics (Must Have)

  • Target Audience (Nice to Have)

  • Testimonials (Nice to Have)

  • Contact Info (Must Have)

A speaker one-sheet is a powerful tool that every author interested in speaking engagements should have in their arsenal. It opens doors to exciting speaking opportunities, extends your author brand, and allows you to share your wisdom with a broader audience. 

So, authors, embrace the world of speaking engagements, and let your words resonate not only on paper but also from the podium.

Want to learn more from DJ and Aisha? Want help with your Speaker One-Sheet? Join them at the upcoming "Authors Supporting Authors" event on April 13, 2024.


DJ McCord's journey from childhood candy entrepreneur to marketing maestro is nothing short of inspiring. Hailing from the vibrant city of Indianapolis, Indiana, DJ's entrepreneurial spirit ignited early as he sold candy in his local neighborhood, laying the foundation for his marketing prowess. Fueling his ambition, he pursued a Master's degree in Business Management at the prestigious Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, specializing in marketing. DJ's entrepreneurial drive led him to helm numerous small businesses, where he confronted the exhilarating challenge of marketing, resulting in national recognition for his efforts. In 2016, DJ McCord, alongside his co-author Aisha Cargile, embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey by founding the trailblazing marketing firm, McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources.


With an unyielding passion, DJ McCord dedicates himself to empowering individuals to create, nurture, and amplify small businesses. His story is not just a biography but a testament to the boundless possibilities of entrepreneurship.



Aisha Cargile is the co-founder of McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources, an Indianapolis based marketing agency specializing in You-centric marketing and marketing education for small businesses, solo-preneurs and nonprofits. Along with her business partner at McCord & Cargile, Aisha creates resources for those needing guidance in their marketing effort. These resources include the workbook "A Marketing Fairy Tale: Build Your Marketing Plan Step by Easy Step". Aisha has an MBA with a focus in Project Management, is a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator and a Certified Salesforce Marketing Email Specialist. An educator at heart. Aisha believes that knowledge is to be shared and lives by the saying "give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach a person to fish and you feed them (and possibly their whole community) for a lifetime". Aisha has volunteered with a variety of professional and charitable organizations, including, Maddie Smiles: Random Acts of Kindness a community-based organization that focuses on improving the mindset and outlook of local populations through acts of kindness designed to inspire positivity and improve community relations. She has also sat on the board of directors for the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter as VP Marketing and Who's Yer Gamers as Community Outreach Director. As a multipotentialite, Aisha is constantly in motion, learning, doing, sharing and growing, and that is exactly how she likes it.  


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