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Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success


in the Self-Help:  Motivational category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by the American Book Fest!

Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success, is an anthology like no other! In this book, fourteen remarkable women narrate their challenges and their ultimate successes in both their personal lives and their careers. These women have “been there” and made it through—and are ready to share their takeaways. You will discover the qualities of a good mentor in the book’s introduction and then each chapter is dedicated to a particular woman who through her real-life experiences, models how to think through UNexpected life situations and make appropriate decisions along the way. These women’s discoveries and breakthroughs can inspire you and show you the way toward your own quantum leap. 


Each woman’s story is unique. In “Late Bloomers Are Overcomers,” the author notes that it is never too late to move beyond wishes and reveals how, thanks to someone who believed in her, she woke up and caught up with her potential. On the other hand, in “Rags to Riches,” the author describes how she gave up a successful career and created a very successful company based on a new dream and passion.  


At the end of each chapter, you will have the opportunity to assess and identify some “Mentoring Moments” that will allow you to move forward and achieve your own successes.


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