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Welcome Lentina Rogers

Lentina Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Butterfly Effects, LLC.  Lentina is recognized as a youth mentor, family success – motivational and inspirational coach.  She is passionate about encouraging people and helping them identify and appreciate the value of their uniqueness.


In 2018, Lentina chaired Butterfly Effects first annual "Flowers in The Attic – Planting Seeds for Blooming Ladies" workshop for girls ages 13 – 18.   Lentina's vision for the Flowers in the Attic event was inspired by the organization’s mission statement, “We seek to provide services to a younger generation through educational workshops that teach basic life skills to create a sturdy foundation for a bright and optimistic future.” Lentina used the platform to plant seeds – educating and motivating young ladies, helping them understand the significance of being self-sufficient, the importance of having high self-esteem and the role it plays in building healthy relationships.    As CEO of the Butterfly Effects, she has created the opportunity to empower, share, and put into practice her mantra - "If you can change one thing, then you are capable of changing everything".


As presenting author of the book, “She Became Me:  A Letter to My Younger Self”, Lentina had a goal to empower the fourteen female authors to share their stories in order to demonstrate that they could overcome issues from their past and that readers can also feel empowered to overcome their past as well. 


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