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Judy Lombardo - Contest Winner and New Author​ 


The relationship between Judy Lombardo and Enhanced DNA Publishing began when Judy entered her story in the National Write Your Story Day contest offered by Enhanced DNA Publishing. You might say, "and the rest is history"!


Judy’s original story, “Victory?! (Some Names Have been Changed to Protect the Guilty)” is a very personal account of her battle with two brain tumors and her journey as a survivor.  Since the contest, Judy had expanded her story into a full book - telling her story in a knowledgeable and captivating manner. 


Read Judy’s summary of why she became the author of this amazing book:


I started writing “Victory?!” in 1993 and intended it to be a full-length non-fiction book. It was supposed to be sort of a catharsis for me after my first brain surgery.  But it didn’t help. In fact, it stressed me out more than ever. It was just too soon for me to relive all that had happened.

I only wanted to survive or live a fairly normal life after my first surgery. I felt that as a survivor, God kept me on this planet to help other brain tumor patients. I needed to do something to help others dealing with this horrible illness for which there is no prevention nor cure.


Then in 2012, I wrote "Victory?!" as a short one-woman play that debuted at IndyFringe. I was then a 19-year, 2-time brain tumor survivor. It got the worst review of all 60 shows at IndyFringe that year. But that didn’t stop me from educating the public on this subject that changed my life – ultimately for the better, in so many ways. I later performed the show in different formats at Chicago Fringe in 2013 and Hollywood Fringe in 2016.


From “The Kindness of Strangers” to “The Strangeness of Friends” and “Survivor Guilt” I wanted to educate the public and let them know why finding the humor in any experience is important to survival.


In 2012 when I first wrote this as a play, I knew about 20 people who had been through a brain tumor diagnosis. Now, I have met over 200,000 brain tumor patients in 7 different countries through the Meningioma Mommas (and Pappas) Facebook support group. Just by trying to make a difference in people’s lives where and when I can.


It was ironic that the original version of the story was announced as the winner for the “Write Your Story” contest in the month of May, also one of i God’s coincidences – May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. 😊


 - Judy Lombardo



Brain Tumors and God's Coincidences


When you are in your twenties, your main concerns are to go to work, hang out with your friends, go out on dates and eventually, get married. Imagine that one day a giant brick wall is placed in your pathway!  Like a kick in the butt, you never saw it coming! Suddenly, all you want is to live and function normally, but actual survival is the easy part. The doctors and God take care of everything else while you adjust to your new normal, both physically and mentally. 


Victory?! is the story of Judy Lombardo’s surprise diagnosis with a brain tumor at the age of twenty-five, and the even more surprising things that happened surrounding her life with that diagnosis. Just when she thinks she has recovered and has her new life figured out, she is diagnosed with a second brain tumor. The treatment of the second tumor provides her with a new set of problems. In Victory?!, Judy tells her life story through vignettes that are sometimes humorous and sometimes shocking, but all are real-life situations. As she reflects on the chapters of her life, Judy finds so many coincidences that weave through the years and can only be signs from God.


Join Judy on her roller coaster journey and find your own Victory, recognizing God’s coincidences in your life.




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