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Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Who exactly is Mr. Michael Brown, the self-proclaimed Hat Ambassador, and the man behind one of the hottest new brands in the cigar culture?

The simple answer is…he’s a gentleman. A brother. A father. A grandfather. A husband and friend. These are some of the obvious things that he is…but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface or help you understand just who he is.

As someone who has dabbled in hats and cigars at different times in his life, it wasn’t until he moved to Miami Beach in 2015 that both of these passions of his were able to come together and flourish, paving a path for who he is today.

In 2018, Michael successfully completed and received his certification as a cigar sommelier from the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers (IACS). His focus as a cigar sommelier is on the aspects of pairing cigars and spirits and more specifically, gourmet pairings. This will be one of the key features of this book and be highlighted throughout.

His experience in the hat game can be credited to his years working for the hat company Goorin Bros. at their hat shop in Miami Beach since 2017. This is where the foundation was laid of becoming a professional hatter and ultimately became a catalyst for him in starting his own brand, Hats and Cigars in 2019.

Hats and Cigars, the brand, was started by Michael to give cigar enthusiasts and hatters a product that wasn’t previously available in the market. He had a vision and has made that vision a reality. His premium cigar-centric hat pins have changed the game when it comes to cigar and hat accessories. He continues to build his brand and grow the Hats and Cigars collection with premium pins and accessories for both hatters and cigar enthusiasts.

If you ask him, he would humbly refer to himself as a hat aficionado, a cigar enthusiast, a hat pin entrepreneur, and now hopefully, a soon to be best-selling author.

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