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Hats and Cigars:  Flairing and Pairing


Hats and Cigars:  Flairing and Pairing is a look into the cultures of hats and cigars from the perspective of the author, Michael Brown, the self-proclaimed Hat Ambassador and a certified cigar sommelier.  His many years of experience working in the hatting industry and his training with cigar and spirit pairings is where the idea to share this knowledge was born.  The book will give you some basic insights into hatting and “flairing”, a term used in the culture to describe adding accessories to a hat to give it some flair.  You will also get to experience several cigar and spirit pairings directly from the collection of a cigar sommelier and learn some of the basic techniques used in these pairings.  This provides you with an inside look into the cultures of both hats and cigars and delivers exclusive commentary and insight into the hats and cigars lifestyle directly from The Hat Ambassador himself.


Hats and Cigars: Flairing and Pairing


    Books will be shipped after May 15, 2021.

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