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BECOMING WHOLE: Journey to Authenticity - HARD COVER


“BECOMING WHOLE: Journey to Authenticity” is the result of Katina Washington’s third attempt at the task of penning a book, and that's okay. The truth is, she wasn't ready before. Reflecting on her journey, she realized that her past failures have been crucial. They've become the yardstick against which she measured her current success. It's a testament to the belief that everything unfolds in its own time and in the way in which it is meant.


“BECOMING WHOLE” is a memoir in which lies a chronicle of pivotal moments in Katina’s life, each playing a role in shaping the woman she is today. Every twist and turn was a necessary part of her journey to authenticity. The positive and challenging events unfolded purposefully, each contributing to the story that would become this book.


Through the experiences described in “BECOMING WHOLE”, Katina shares valuable lessons regarding the transformative power of purposeful living; how she learned to embrace life’s many detours and blessings, the triumphs, setbacks, mistakes, rejections, and victories. Katina extends an invitation for you to explore these pages with an open heart, recognizing that every encounter is a piece of a larger narrative.

BECOMING WHOLE: Journey to Authenticity - HARD COVER

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