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The Kingdom Entrepreneur: Partnering with God to Dominate the Marketplace

Are you a “Kingdom Entrepreneur”?


In, The Kingdom Entrepreneur, you will be provided a blueprint for the entrepreneur who totally trusts God to be your CEO while conducting business in the marketplace. A true Kingdom Entrepreneur has the ability to hear, receive and execute the vision given directly to them by God. The author, Danita Hayes, shares about her journey as a Kingdom Entrepreneur and how she understood that the visions God gave her were not going to be executed with her own strength, but with the strength of God. Through her relationship and obedience to God, she has been able to open multiple successful businesses while being a wife and a mom of three. She is the owner of Women Flip Houses Too, Inc., Hayes Real Estate, Inc., Global Home Investors, Inc, co-owner of Victory Allegiance Realty and Wallstreet Cafe, Inc. She is also the author of an interactive journal, 21 Days of Encouragement for Women Entrepreneurs designed to help catapult female entrepreneurs into their destiny and execute their God given vision.

The Kingdom Entrepreneur


    Autogtaphed copies will ship after June 15, 2022.

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